Vote to be a Swing State

May 15 2012

Swing states get all of the attention in presidential elections.  A quick glance at the electoral map confirms that only a handful of states really matter and thus money and attention are lavished upon these undecided zones with the hope of tipping their favor and spilling their electoral votes.  Obama may have just come out in personal support for gay marriage, and over 50% of the country may agree with him, but the big question seems to be “what do the swing states think?”.   So if you want your issues pandered to, if you want money dropped from a helicopter on your town, if you want your state to be in the limelight, then consider voting not for a candidate or issue, but for your state.  Democrat in California?  Vote for Romney.  Republican in Georgia? Cast your ballot for Obama.  In fact, all down the ticket, confer with the polls and vote against them no matter the candidate or issue.  And with a little organization, and a little luck, in the next election cycle your state may be the next Florida.

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